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ItN, as an international environmental technical and product company, responsible for providing high quality products, environmental services and solutions on a global scale. The primary mission of ItN is to provide a water environment with better quality for people and future generations around the world. This mission is supported by the core values of ItN, which is everything we do should help build a more sustainable world. ItN transforms the pursuit of sustainability from corporate values and a responsibility that contributes positively to society as a driving force for business growth.


The so-called "sustainable development" refers to meeting the needs of the contemporary people without damaging future generations. This is the definition published by the World Commission of Environment and Development (commonly known as the United Nations Special Committee on the Environment or the Brundtland Commission) in 1987 and is now widely accepted. ItN believes that achieving sustainable development means pursuing a balance among development of social responsibility, environmental protection and economic efficiency, while ItN will focus on the use of high-quality ceramic membrane products for global water in a variety of industries and contribute to the sustainable development of the environment. 


ItN's activities in the field of sustainable development mainly cover three aspects below:

Improve the quality of water used in daily life and in various industries through the application of high quality ceramic flat membrane from ItN

Improve the impact of ItN's activities, products and innovations on the water environment

Create a profitable business and value for ItN's stakeholders while ItN provides solutions to water pollution problems to meet the needs of the clients around world


ItN's profit target is to transform innovation and sustainable solutions into a business that meets new demands and has strong value creation capabilities. This includes developing more efficient, durable and environmental friendly technologies and products for multiple sectors, and adopting sustainable development as a standard for mergers and acquisitionsand cooperation

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