The establishment of ItN Ceramic Membrane China Research Institute

On Aug 4th 2018 in Nantong, China. Hilling Chang, Chairman of SafBon Group, Dr. Nonninger, Founder of ItN and Honorary Dean of Institute, Mr. George Kodros, CEO of ItN, George Gu, Dean of China Research Institute, attended the meeting. More than 40 guests participated in the opening ceremony, including government leaders from Nantong Gangzha District, Science and Technology Bureau, Water Supply Department, and Wastewater Treatment Center; experienced water treatment experts from municipal water, sewage treatment, electric power, oilfield petrochemical, and steel industry; and senior professors from top universities such as Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology. 

ItN Ceramic Membrane China Research Institute is committed to launching a new generation of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes and hollow fiber ceramic membranes in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of the market, the Institute is also putting more efforts on extending our ceramic membrane applications to solve high temperature air purification, chlor-alkali ion membranes, electrolytic hydrogen production, chlorine production and other issues.


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