Executive Board

Ying Sun

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sun, Ying (born 1984) has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of ItN Nanovation AG since 20 November 2018.

She earned a Bachelor of Accountancy from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and afterwards her MBA Degree from China Europe International Business School.

Since 2015 Ms Sun has been the Chief Financial Officer of SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai and after two years of close cooperation with ItN Nanovation AG she is very familiar with the company.


Frau Sun (Jahrgang 1984) ist seit dem 20. November 2018 Vorstand der ItN Nanovation AG.

Sie erwarb ihren Bachelor of Accountancy an der Shanghai Jiao Tong University und anschließend ihren MBA an der China Europe International Business School.

Seit 2015 ist Frau Sun Chief Financial Officer der SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai und nach zwei Jahren enger Zusammenarbeit mit der ItN Nanovation AG mit dem Unternehmen bestens vertraut.

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